It is widely known that the Western Conference has been dominant over the Eastern Conference for a while.  But this season, the Eastern Conference has accomplished something that hasn't been done since 1989.  Throughout NBA history one one team has won the championship outside of the 4 seed, which was the Houston Rockets in 1995. So it can be argued that only the top four seeds in each conference have a legitimate chance to win.  This season marks the first time since 1989 that the #4 seed in the East has finished with a better regular season record that the #4 seed in the West.  That is 28 seasons in a row that the #4 seed in the West has had an equal or better record.  To put that into perspective, only 26.8% of players in the league today were born that last time that happened. 

This season the #4 Cleveland Cavaliers finished 50-32 which was two games better than the #4 Oklahoma City Thunder 48-34.  In 1989, the #4 seed Atlanta Hawks led by Dominique Wilkins and Moses Malone finished 52-30 to out due the #4 Seattle Supersonics led by Dale Ellis and Derrick McKey.  Yes, this was pre Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton.  Cleveland's 15 year veteran Lebron James was 4 years old when this happened.  

This by no means would indicate that the East is now better than the West, with the two clear cut favorites to win the championship this season being the Golden State Warriors (+140) and Houston Rockets (+150).  Cleveland heaviest bet team in the East at (+850).