Brandon Belt has been opening some eyes with a hot start to the MLB season for the San Francisco Giants.  With 48 games in the books so far this season Belt has a .313 AVG, 11 HR, and 29 RBI and leading his team in nearly every offensive stat category.  We are not saying that Belt is putting up Bonds like numbers or even comparing the two, but Belt has been accomplishing feats that haven’t been done in a Giants uniform since the Barry Bonds era.  

On May 17th Belt hit a home run for the fourth consecutive game.  A feat that he has accomplished twice already this season.  Since Barry Bonds in 2005, only one player for the Giants has had a 4 game home run streak (Hunter Pence 2013).  Belt is the first Giant to have two separate 4 game home run streaks in the same season since Bonds in 2004.  That is a rare feat in itself as it has only been accomplished 80 times by 57 different players in the last 110 years.  He is currently on pace to finish the season with 37.2 Home Runs and 97.9 RBIs.  Since Bonds in 2004, no Giant player has finished with 30+ Home Runs or 100+ RBIs.  Hunter Pence was the highest Home Run man with 27 in 2013, and Buster Posey the highest RBI man with 99 also in 2013.  

The lack of a power hitter, however, has not translated in a lack of success for the Giants.  In the post Bonds era the Giants have 3 World Series championships in 2010, 2012, and 2014.  Only 4 World Series Champions have had a leading home run hitter with less than 30 since the year 2000; the Giants in 2010, the Giants in 2012, the Giants in 2014, and the Royals in 2015. 

Remarkably in 2012, Buster Posey led the team with 24 home runs and the 2nd highest in home runs was Pablo Sandoval with 12.  Twelve!!!!!!  Even little Joey Cora has managed to hit more than 12 home runs in a season.  In this young season, 13 players have already hit 12 or more home runs.  The entire 2012 Giants team had a total of 103 home runs which ranked last in the MLB.  That is fewer than current teammates Giancarlo Stanton (59) and Aaron Judge (52) combined from last year.  

For Giants fans, it a bit of a sigh of relief to see a player “belt” some out of the park.  Fans are hoping that Brandon Belt and the San Francisco Giants can translate that into success while they are battling in a tight division.  The Los Angeles Dodgers were expected to run away with the NL West but right now it looks like it’s up for grabs.